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Cyclone Basketball Recruiting Update

So I heard news of the commitment of Jordan Railey, a 2010, 6-10, 235 lb, post player out of Beaverton, Oregon. I was looking around, and saw that we apparently have another 2010 commitment in Duran Hollis. Hollis is a 6'1 shooting guard out of Fort Worth, Texas.

When looking at the MBB scholarship chart, you can see that there is only 1 spot open for 2010-2011, yet these are two guys coming in, in addition to Ejim. So my question, is who's leaving, or who's going to get their scholarship pulled? I don't want to speculate too much yet, but it's definitley an interesting development, and we won't know more until we see the conference season play out.

I do think that this pretty much solidifies that Brackins and Gilstrap are gone after this year, so anyone that still has that pipe dream needs to find something else to fantasize about.

You can read more about Railey here, and Hollis here as well. I am going to hold off on updating the MBB Scholarship chart until this plays out more.