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UNI vs. ISU Stats

Below you will see the Four Factors to Winning from tonights game, and see that ISU only had the edge in one of the factors. Had UNI been shooting better, we may have been blown out in this one.

NCAA Basketball Stats


Anyhow, I thought I'd point out some other stats that were interesting:

  • ISU only scored 3 points in the final 6:05 of the game. UNI scored 11.
  • UNI had 15 offensive rebounds! 15! Obviously you see the superior OR% above, but 15 is a lot for a team that's playing a slower tempo
  • ISU and UNI had an equal number of possessions this game (62). UNI was able to put up 9 more shots than ISU, however.

That's pretty much it. Still pretty bummed about this loss. Last year Brackins was able to score 32 against UNI, while Egelseder and Koch only scored 25 combined. This year, Egelseder and Koch score 20 each, while Brackins was held to 13 points.

If you look at the Four Factors from last year, you will see that we shot the ball better than them, but also did a better job with offensive rebounding and getting to the line than them:

NCAA Basketball Stats


And that's the part that's really frustrating me. This year, we have better rebounders, and we have more bodies to go inside with, yet somehow UNI is better than us at offensive rebounding, and getting to the line?

It's all a little boggling for me still, but that's the way it goes. I'm going to get to sleep, and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow morning.