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Cyclones Get Blown Out In Berkeley

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It's time to readjust the expectations for this team. I thought this was a sure-fire Top 6 team in the Big 12. On paper, I thought they were good enough. But this team is just not physical. They can't take it when they're punched in the mouth. There is absolutely no post offense nor is there good post defense. The rebounding was pathetic, and rebounding is all about desire.

Brackins had 21, Gilstrap had 17, but then nothing else from anyone. Lucca had 0 points, Hamilton with 3, and DG had 6.  Our bench only scored 16 points.. Not good enough. Guys couldn't score because they couldn't get open for the most part. They couldn't get open, because they don't fucking MOVE without the ball!

ISU got outrebounded 30-49. Cal had 17 offensive rebounds to ISU's 9 (3-4 of which came in the final seconds of the game). It also helped that Cal shot better, but a lot of that is from getting easy 2nd chance opportunities, along with ISU giving away easy layins inside. Cal could go inside so easliy, it was like no one was there to defend it for ISU.

Cal had emotion and showed that they wanted this one. They fought hard and deservingly won it. For ISU, I never felt like they had that mental edge needed to win the game. When you factor the fact that Cal had their 2nd best player sitting out and the team recovering from the flu, it's pretty disappointing to see them beat us up as badly as they did, considering how beat up they themselves are.

This team has not improved at all this season. If they continue to play this way all season, we'll be lucky to have a winning season and an NIT berth... I don't know what all the answers are at this point, but something needs to happen.

As someone who is ultra-competitive, I have no idea how a team can be apathetic, and just allow for teams to out-hustle you all game.  If this team had some heart, motivation, and desire, these 3 losses may not have happened.

I just don't get it. I can't relate to it, and I can't respect that. I just know that what's going out on the court is not good enough. When Pollard fired Morgan he said Men's Basketball ought to be the marquee program at ISU. It certainly is not, and I'm so frustrated right now.

Next up is Iowa on Friday. The thing about Iowa is even though they aren't that good, they play hard. Can't say the same about ISU right now.

We might be in for another long year Cyclone Fans, and it's too bad because this team has a lot of potential.