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Four Factors From ISU-Cal Game

I attached probably the funniest picture of the night. Look at the facial expression from Zhang.... Yeah it was a foul, but he wasn't giving a fuck!

Below are the Four Factors from last night's game. Really tells the story if you weren't able to catch any of it:


NCAA Basketball Stats


Look at the OR%! 47% to 25%! Forget the 25%, the fact that Cal had 47% is crazy good! Combine that with shooting the ball better, and turning it over less times, and that's the recipe for the blowout.

Again, from just looking at the game, rebounding was the obvious issue here, and this chart does a nice job showing the disparity on the boards.

I'm not going to rant anymore about this, and let this ruin my weekend. Today, I'm going to sit back, see teams get selected to Bowls, and watch the Iowa-Iowa State Wrestling dual tonight.