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Men's Basketball: Another Road Loss

Final - 2.14.2009 1 2 Total
Iowa St. Cyclones 34 33 67
Oklahoma St. Cowboys 36 50 86

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This was a typical ISU basketball game. We play well in the first half, only to throw it all away in the first half of the 2nd half.

Here is a good chart that shows how the game went:



As you can see, we let OSU open up for a lead in the 2nd half, and then both teams maintained similar scoring patterns until the end of the game

As I said in the preview to this game, OSU can score. ISU would have to keep the score in the 60s in order to win.

ISU just did not play good defense at all. OSU kept attacking the rim and there were SO MANY "And-1" situations it was crazy. Our guards just cannot keep up the with power and speed of other team's guards.

If you're going to give up 50 points in a half, you don't deserve to win anyways.

On offense, other than Brackins we weren't that great. Lucca kept launching 3s off the dribble for example. We just don't run a good enough offense to keep up with a high scoring team.

Another key stat was the rebounding margin. OSU outrebounded us by 10 and OSU also had 10 offensive rebounds.

In general, OSU was more aggressive and athletic than us, and have good shooters. Basically they are a much better team than us and it showed.

It doesn't get any easier for the Cyclones as they go on the road to face Kansas....