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Wrestling: Mizzou Preview

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I know I've been behind on the Wrestling Updates and I apologize for that. So what's been going on with the ISU Wrestling Team?

Well, we're ranked #2 in the Nation. Last time I posted we had handily beaten OSU. We then followed it up by beating UNI 26-9 and UT-Chattanooga 37-6. 6 of the other team's points in each of those duals were due to ISU forfeiting at 133. I think the first time was because Fanthorpe couldn't go at all and we didn't want to burn a redshirt and/or throw a true freshmen out there. The 2nd time (last night against UT-Chattanooga) was because we knew we wouldn't need him.

Based on what I've heard, Fanthorpe would be a go tomorrow against Missouri, but I could be wrong as I don't have any inside info or anything.

Overall we are 13-2 and on a 6 dual winning streak. Our only two losses have been against #1 Iowa and #3 Cornell.

The Cyclones face #5 Missouri tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at 2pm in Columbia.

Missouri has been an inconsistent team in my opinion. They will go beat a very good team like Cornell, but then lose to a team like Central Michigan or Penn State. ISU needs to take Missouri seriously as this dual will have seeding implications in the Big 12 tournament, plus Missouri did beat a Cornell team that ISU was not able to beat.

Here are the predictied lineups for Sunday's Dual (ISU wrestler first):

  • 125: #10 Tyler Clark (So., 19-5) vs. Troy Dolan (RFr., 15-19)
  • 133: #7 Nick Fanthorpe (Jr., 17-4) vs. Todd Schavrien (So., 11-9)
  • 141: #3 Nick Gallick (Jr., 24-2) vs. #10 Marcus Hoehn (Sr., 26-7)
  • 149: #18 Mitch Mueller (Jr., 16-6) vs. Andrew Sherry (Sr., 13-11)
  • 157: #7 Cyler Sanderson (Jr., 15-3) vs. #8 Michael Chandler (Sr., 24-5)
  • 165: #7 Jon Reader (So., 21-4) vs. #5 Nicholas Marable (Jr., 20-5)
  • 174: #18 Duke Burk (Jr., 14-4) vs. #5 Raymond Jordan (Sr., 27-2)
  • 184: #18 Jerome Ward (RFr., 17-8) vs. Dorian Henderson (RFr., 19-10)
  • 197: #1 Jake Varner (Jr., 21-1) vs. #4 Maxwell Askren (Jr., 22-3)
  • HWT: #2 David Zabriskie (Jr., 24-2) vs. #1 Mark Ellis (Jr., 24-1)

So as you can see, the edge goes to ISU but there are a lot of talented wrestlers on Missouri's team as well. Something to note is that it's Missouri's last dual of the year. This means that their 4 Seniors are likely to give a little extra as they take the mat at home for the last time in their lives.

Some other key matches I will be looking at:

  • 141: In last year's dual,  Gallick beat Hoehn 2-1.
  • 157: In last year's dual Chandler beat Cyler 11-5. In the Big 12 tournament Cyler beat Chandler in the finals 6-5 on a takedown with about 30 seconds left in the 3rd period. I think this will be an awesome match as I'm sure Chandler is out for a little revenge and Cyler trying to prove that his win in the tourney last year wasn't a fluke..
  • 165: Last year Marable beat Reader 4-3. Marable is the defending Big 12 champ at 165. 
  • 197: While I think Jake will win, it should be an interesting match between two very good guys. I would guess a close score like 3-1 or so. Askren is the defending champ at 197, as Varner wrestled at 184 last year.
  • HWT: Zabriskie beat Ellis 7-3 in last year's dual and 3-1 in the Big 12 tourney in OT. Zabriskie got a takedown with 4 seconds left in the tourney match. This year, however, Zabriskie is ranked #2 and Ellis is ranked #1. I would expect this to be a great match, and wouldn't be suprised if it went into OT again. I would have to assume that if Z wins this match, he'll be ranked #1. He would have beaten 3 #1s during the course of the season.

Prediction: ISU 16, Mizzou 15. 157,165, and 174 are the key matches. If ISU can get the upper hand in 2 of those 3, I think we'll win by a larger margin than 1 point. In the matches were we are favored heavily, we need to get bonus points. Perhaps I'm hyping this up too much, but I think it will be close and I think Missouri's Seniors will be extra pumped..