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Wrestling: ISU 15, Mizzou 18

I know this is a little old news, but we lost to Mizzou on Sunday night.

In the preview I said we had to do well at 157, 165, and 174 , and we lost all three of those weight classes. We also forfieted 133 as Fanthorpe is still injured, which cost us 6 team points.

I basically have two thoughts:

  1. It's frustrating we can't put a full squad out there, especially if we're to be taken seriously as an elite program. I hate losing to conference foes no matter what, and giving away 6 points is a good way to do that. I'd rather throw a true freshman out there and have him get majored than to just give up 6.
  2. Big Up to David Zabriskie. For the 2nd time this year, he beat a #1 ranked guy in OT. Maybe now he will be ranked #1!

The next dual is against Minnesota on Friday night as part of Beauty and the Beast with Gymnastics. Should be fun!