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Thursday Morning Coffee

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 Iowa State Basketball



 Iowa State Women's Basketball


  • Alison Lacey eclipsed the 1,000-point mark in #21 ISU's 61-38 beatdown of the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Hilton last night. ISU now moves into third place via tiebreakers.
  • Post player Nicky Wieben is working on a new offensive approach.


 Iowa State Football




 Iowa State Wrestling


  • The end of ISU wrestling matches on IPTV? Iowa's Public Broadcasting system is hurting these days.
  • #3 ISU will host #12 Minnesota in the "Beauty and the Beast" promotion on Friday.
  • MMA and the Cyclone wrestling room collide. ESPN weighs in as well.



 Around the Big 12


  • Bring on the Cats looks at K-State's NCAA hopes. They come to Hilton on Saturday. Could be a slight trap game for the Cats.
  • I'd recommend on checking Double T Nation during this whole Mike Leach saga. Personally, I'd prefer to see him out of the Big 12, simply because the league might get just a touch easier.
  • Someone let the good folks at Corn Nation know that what the Husker basketball team is doing, sitting at fifth in the Big 12, is pretty remarkable.
  • Tyler Hansbrough could have totally ended up at Mizzou. Here are parts one and two of the Rock M Nation pipedream.
  • I Am The 12th Man takes a look at the recruiting saga of top HB Bryce Brown.
  • Big 12 Hardball covers Big 12 baseball. Nothing of real concern to those of us in Ames, I guess.