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Beauty and the Beast

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Tonight is the big night the ISU Athletics Department has been hyping up!

For wrestling it's #4 ISU against #13 Minnesota (USA Today Poll 2/16).

  • Minnesota has a good young team of mostly freshmen. Minnesota strengths are at 125, 133, and 141 as they have top 10 ranked guys at those weights (we have top 10 guys at those weights as well).
  • Minnesota also has a ranked heavyweight, but he is only #17
  • I hope we don't forfeit 133 but I could see it I suppose.
  • Prediction: If we start at 125, I could see Minnesota getting a 9-3 lead. I think ISU will go on a roll from there. Final ISU 29, MN 9

For Gymnastics it's #20 ISU against unranked Minnesota. I don't know anything about Gymnastics really, but here is what I do know for each event:

  • Vault: For ISU, we have 5 ladies in the top 200 to Minnesota's 0
  • Uneven Bars: ISU has 4 ladies in the top 200 to Minnesota's 0
  • Balance Beam: ISU has 4 ladies in the top 200 to Minnesota's 0
  • Floor Exercise: ISU has 3 ladies in the top 200, including 1 in the top 15, and 2 in the top 130 while Minnesota has none
  • All Around: ISU has 2 in the top 64 in the all-around and Minnesota does not
  • ISU's best gymnast is Jasmine Thompson. She is ranked #171 in the Valut, #69 in the uneven bars, #85 in the balance beam, #14 in the floor exercise, and #38 in the all-around. Megan Barnes is a close 2nd as she ranks #40 in the all-around.
  • It's clear we win but I don't know by how much as I do not really know the scoring in this sport.

It should be fun to attend this event, and I am really looking forward to an evening of Cyclone domination!

[Note by CrossCyed, 02/20/09 6:38 PM CST ]: The Beauty and the Beast event is televised statewide on the Mediacom Connections channel tonight.