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Kansas St. 50, Iowa St. 46

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Final - 2.21.2009 1 2 Total
Kansas St. Wildcats 19 31 50
Iowa St. Cyclones 24 22 46

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That game was close to being a disservice to the sport. 

It followed the general trend of most of our conference games thus far this year. We start off alright, riding Craig Brackins. All of a sudden, Brackins stops hitting, our guards can't convert, and we end up falling out of it at the end.

Brackins put together another solid game, but the rest of the team simply could not pick him up. Lackadaisical games from Garrett, Petersen, Staiger, Vanderbeken and Hamilton are not going to win Iowa State many Big 12 games. In fact, it's a minor miracle that the game was this close. 

Most Big 12 teams would have won this game. We did not. The sad part is that it is not unexpected at this point. 

The focus is truly on next season at this point. Chris Colvin, Marquis Gilstrap, Scott Christopherson and LA's on you. It might be to save your coach's job.



As you can see from these four factors.....slightly better shooting and slightly better offensive rebounding for Kansas State won the game. Just incremental little stuff. Getting to the line more. All three things which Iowa State is simply not good at. I'm not a big one to harp on a team needing intangibles...but whatever they are...I don't think we have them.

It's just painful to watch this team anymore.