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Men's Basketball: A&M Preview

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Next Game

Iowa St. Cyclones
@ Texas A&M Aggies

Saturday, Feb 28, 2009, 12:30 PM CST
Reed Arena

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I am eating crow. I've been eating it all week but it's tasting kind of good!

I was totally wrong about the Baylor game, but at the same time, who expected it? I mean, we were averaging 59 ppg in conference play facing a team that can score.

Anyhow, we came through and hopefully can carry some of that momentum into College Station.

Before we take a look at A&M, let's take a look at the Big XII conference standings:

Big Twelve Conference Standings

(updated 2.27.2009 at 3:08 AM CST)

Conf Overall
Kansas Jayhawks 12 1 23 5
Oklahoma Sooners 11 2 25 3
Missouri Tigers 11 2 24 4
Texas Longhorns 8 5 19 8
Kansas St. Wildcats 7 6 19 9
Oklahoma St. Cowboys 7 6 18 9
Texas A&M Aggies 6 7 20 8
Nebraska Cornhuskers 6 7 16 10
Baylor Bears 4 9 16 11
Iowa St. Cyclones 3 10 14 14
Texas Tech Red Raiders 2 11 12 16
Colorado Buffaloes 1 12 9 18

A&M is at the 6th spot, and we're holding it down in the 10th spot. Every game from here on out is big as ISU could theoretically take Baylor's spot in 9th. Now I know that some people may say the 10th is better because you will avoid the #1 seed in the 2nd round if you win.

I hear what everyone is saying but we're 0-6 against the top 4 seeds as of right now anyways. I'd rather just have us finish as good as possible in the regular season.

Let's look at Texas A&M:

  • Average about 70 points per game and allow 65 points per game
  • The shoot 43% from the field and 35% from beyond the arc, which is very similar to ISU
  • They commit about 12 turnovers per game and only get 11 assists per game
  • They grab 37 rebounds per game to ISU's 34
  • They are led by Senior Guard Josh Carter, as he averages 13.5 ppg

On paper, they really look beatable. They have 20 wins, but in conference they haven't been impressive. Are they a little more talented than us? Yes. But there's no reason why we couldn't win this game , other than the fact that there's something in the water in Ames that doesn't allow for ISU's Men's teams to win on the road.

Some fun facts:

  • According to Chad Ford, Brackins is projecting to be a 20th-35th pick if he were to declare for the NBA draft. Hopefully this means he comes back for at least 1 more year to improve his game. He has a ton of potential, but there are just things he can work on (defense, outside shot, adding a little more muscle) that would make him a higher pick (and make him more $$) in the future.
  • This 2008-2009 team has made the most 3 pointers in ISU history in a single season at 208. The previous high was 203 in 2006-2007
  • Bryan Peterson has had 1 game in which he had the team high on rebounds? Anyone care to guess which game that might be?
  • Going back to Petey, there was also another game where he had the team high in blocks
  • Going back to Petey 1 more time, he is now 10th all time at ISU with 90 career 3 pointers. He also has made at least 1 3 pointer in 9 straight games
  • Diante Garrett is already 19th all time at ISU in assist with 146

Prediction: I am done making these with this team. My prediction is that whichever I make will be dead wrong.

Go Cyclones!