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Signing Day Super Thread

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Alright kids, today is the big day when between 20-25 young men decide they want to be Iowa State Cyclones. Coach Paul Rhoads has done an impressive job in a short time by pulling in a recruiting class that already rates up Gene Chizik's final class. We'll be using this thread to keep track of the LOI's coming in. Zack Spears and David Sims are already on campus and should participate in spring drills. Check the left sidebar for links to recruiting profiles for those that have already committed. I will be on off-and-on today (as will mpls), so bear with us as the LOI's come in. Feel free to use the comment section to post new LOI's, as well as discussion on the recruits.

Time of LOI Pos. Name Ht. Wt. Rivals Scout ESPN Video
Enrolled OT Zack Spears 6-7 320 -JC-
Enrolled S David Sims 5-11 200 -JC- Video
7:57 a.m. LB Jake Knott 6-3 227 74 Video
7:59 a.m. DB Jeremy Reeves 5-8 156 72 Video
8:01 a.m. LB Princeton Jackson 6-1 210 74
8:02 a.m. QB James Capello 6-1 190 73 Video
8:04 a.m. DB Deon Broomfield 6-0 175 77 Video
8:05 a.m. DE/LB Willie Scott 6-3 215 40
8:07 a.m. OL Kyle Lichtenberg 6-6 250 77
8:09 a.m. LB AJ Klein 6-2 225 74 Video
8:10 a.m. WR Josh Lenz 6-0 180 72 Video
8:16 a.m. WR Donnie Jennert 6-6 192 74
8:25 a.m. DB Jacques Washington 6-1 185 77
9:02 a.m. DL Aaron Moore 6-5 255 77 Video
9:05 a.m. RB Beau Blankenship 5-8 207 76 Video
9:29 a.m. DB Jansen Watson 5-10 180 75
9:47 a.m. ATH Brandon Mims 6-1 180 40 Video
9:49 a.m. DE Taylor Martin 6-3 265 -JC-
9:51 a.m. DL Walter Woods 6-0 275 73 Video
9:54 a.m. WR Keith Blanton Jr. 6-0 190 40
10:15 a.m. WR Darius Reynolds 6-3 190 -JC- Video
11:13 a.m. RB James White 5-8 166 77
2:59 p.m. WR Joshua Bellamy 6-1 200 -JC- Video

The class appears to be wrapped up, but here's some local media stories and quotes on our newest Clones:

AJ Klein:

"It's a dream come true," said Klein, whose recruitment included unofficial visits to Michigan State and Wisconsin. "It was a lot of hard work and the recruiting trail has been hectic and stressful, but I'm glad it's over with. I can't wait to be a Cyclone."

Josh Lenz:

"It hasn't been too crazy, but it's just good to get it over with and be able to move on. I'm officially a Cyclone now."

Invited walk-on Jeff Woody

" 'You didn't think I was worthy of offering a scholarship,' " Woody said of his confident approach. "So I'm going to prove to you that I am."

James Capello

“The coaches were just amazing, they made me feel really comfortable,” said Capello. “Of course, the facilities were nice, but they also have people to help you out academically. That helped, too.”

Jake Knott

The mere mention of Seneca Wallace brings a smile to Jake Knott’s face. The former 
Iowa State quarterback is Knott’s favorite Cyclone player.

He loved the way Wallace used his athleticism and arm to make plays. He loved the way Wallace led ISU to victory. And of course, he loved the way Wallace needed to run about 70 total yards to score a 12-yard touchdown against Texas Tech in 2002. 

“It’s ‘The Run,’ that’s what it’s known as,” Knott said. “It was crazy. To say I play for the same team as he played for is kind of nice.”

Beau Blankenship

“I’m really excited,” Blankenship said. “I’m ready to get up there and start playing.

“They’ve got some of the best fans I’ve ever seen. All new facilities. I fell in love with it.”

Jeremy Reeves

Reeves said he was excited to be a Cyclone, but he knows moving to Iowa will mean a big change for him. Both on the field, playing against high-level talent, and off the field, where he'll discover something else.

"I haven't experienced snow before," he said.