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Men's Basketball: ISU loses 6th straight

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Final - 2.7.2009 1 2 Total
Missouri Tigers 37 45 82
Iowa St. Cyclones 31 37 68

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No matter what, ISU just cannot put it all together, and it's frustrating to say the least. In a game where they would shoot 47% (it was above 50% most of the game) you'd figure we'd be in the game. Well, we would've been except Mizzou shot 57% from the field including 56% from beyond the arc.

Mizzou likes to press, yet they didn't force a lot of turnovers or have fast breaks. They simply scored more than us in their half court offense. They have shooters from all over and a much more athletic of a team than ISU.

The rebounding was even close at 31 Mizzou to 27 for ISU. ISU's defense just didn't show up. Mizzou had a lot of open looks in the lane, and they killed us from 3 as they went 9-16 from there.

I don't really have any solutions for ISU at this point. In games where we play good D, we can't score. In games where we're putting the ball in the hole, we can't stop the other team.

Hopefully they can turn things around against Colorado at home on Wednesday night, but we'll see....