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Oklahoma St. 81, Iowa St. 67

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Final - 3.11.2009 1 2 Total
Iowa St. Cyclones 38 29 67
Oklahoma St. Cowboys 35 46 81

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It's all over. In a game that I unfortunately couldn't want, Iowa State jumped out to a lead heading into the half, and squandered it away in the second. It's all over now. Gone are Bryan Petersen, Sean Haluska, Alex Thompson, with the possibility of more, including Craig Brackins, to follow. 

Coming in will be LA Pomlee, Scott Christopherson, Chris Colvin and Marquis Gilstrap. It's on these four, as well as the returners, to get the Cyclones back to postseason play.

Hopefully, mpls can fill in some of the blanks with a game recap, but there's not much point anymore. This team has to drastically improve over the summer to get where they need to go, but it's not impossible. The first challenge is getting Craig Brackins to stay. Do that, and things will be a bunch easier.