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Big 12 Tourney: Day Three Open Thread

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Yes, I too watched what might be one of the greatest games in NCAA history last night (and this morning) between Syracuse and UConn. I hope that's just a lead-in to a great NCAA tournament. The Big 12 tournament has been almost as thrilling, with a chance that for the first time ever, a team might win four games in four days. It can be argued that Missouri, Oklahoma State and even Texas have bids sewn up, so, hell, why not let Baylor get an automatic bid?

Baylor and Texas face off in the first game in a matchup that should favor Texas. Of course, nothing else has happened the way that it should this year, so one can expect Baylor to win 137-125 in just one overtime. To that end, Oklahoma State and Missouri - two of the higher scoring teams in the land, face off in the nightcap. If you like points, this is the game for you.

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Baylor_logo2_medium Texas_logo_medium

#9 Baylor Bears
@ #5 Texas Longhorns

Winner faces OSU/MU

Friday, Mar 13, 2009, 6:00 PM CDT
Big 12 Tournament - Semifinal Round - Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Burnt Orange Nation

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Oklahoma_state_logo_medium Missouri_logo_medium

#7 Oklahoma St. Cowboys
@ #3 Missouri Tigers

Winner faces BU/UT

Friday, Mar 13, 2009, 8:30 PM CDT
Big 12 Tournament - Semifinal Round - Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Rock M Nation

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It looks like this tournament has opened up for Missouri. Of course, we know better. What a wonderful time of year.