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NCAA Wrestling Tourney: Day 1 Recap

The Cyclones first day is about what most would really expect. Some aspects went pretty well, and some probably could've gone better, but that always happens in a tournament like this.

Some of the consolation bracket is still going on now, but our ISU guys are finished for today. All 10 of our guys survived the first day, and 5 guys still remain in the championship bracket.

After the first round this morning, ISU went 9-1 and the standings were ISU 25 points, Iowa 22 points, Ohio State 17.5 points, and Nebraska and Boise State with 15 points.

In the second round this evening, ISU went 6-4. Updating standings will come a little while, but I have a feeling Iowa has taken us over. More on this from the results below.

To see how our guys did, check the thread below this post. To get more detailed scores for specific matches, is a good resource.

Here's a breakdown of who each of our guys is going to face tomorrow, with an outlook on how I think they may fare. I'll also list how the Iowa guy did since they have the targets on their back this year


  • #9 Tyler Clark vs. Bedelyon (Kent State) -> Wrestleback. The winner will face Patakay (Penn State)/Futrell(Illinois). The loser is out. Whoever wins that round would face the loser of #7 Fio (Okie State)/#2 Nickerson (Cornell).
  • Friday could have some highs and lows for Clark. I was hoping he'd win in the 2nd session today. Anyhow, the first two rounds of the wrestle back tomorrow are in session 3, with the loser of Fio/Nickerson match taking place during session 4 on Friday night. In otherwords, if Clark is staying alive, he's wrestling 3 times tomorrow.
  • How did Iowa do? #5 Falck (Iowa) is in the wrestleback bracket as well going against Byrne (Maryland).


  • #7 Nick Fanthrope (ISU) vs. #3 Kennedy (Illinois) ->Wrestleback. The winner would face Hutter (Old Dom)/ Smith (Liberty). No that isn't a typo. Kennedy was upset in the first round. Unfortunatley, Kennedy has been on a roll in the Wrestlebacks. This really is a tough matchup, as both of these guys figured to be All-Americans, yet one of them definitley will not be one.
  • I'm not even going to try to get ahead and say what would happen next. For both of these guys the year is on the line.
  • How did Iowa do? #4 Dennis is facing #5 Hochstrasser (my pick for champ) in the quarterfinals. Dennis has gone 2-0 with each just being a decision


  • #6 Nick Gallick (ISU) vs. #3 Jaggers (Ohio State). The winner faces Nelson/Drouin while the loser could face #5 Hoehn from Missouri
  • I think Gallick gets past Jaggers. Just have a hunch here. With #2 Tanelli (Wisconsin) in the consolation bracket, the path to the finals is a bit easier on Gallick's side of the bracket
  • How did Iowa do? #4 Tsirtsis lost in the first round and is in the wrestleback. He went on to beat Ramirez (UNC) and will face Washington (UNI) tomorrow.


  • Mueller (ISU) vs. Gillespe (Edinboro). The winner faces #12 Chinn (Leigh)/Jauregui (WVU). Another HUGE note about this bracket is that #2 Jenkins (Penn State) is DONE. He lost in the first round to Fittery (Lock Haven), then to Jauregui (WVU).
  • I don't think Mueller lasts past tomorrow. I think he'll go 1-1. I think his second match would just be too hard.
  • How did Iowa do? #1 Metcalf is straight dominiting. He's 2-0 with 2 pins. Picking up mad bonus points for Iowa


  • #9 Sanderson (ISU) vs. #1 Burroughs (Nebraska). Winner faces #4 Gillespie (Edinboro)/#5 O'Connor (Harvard).
  • Who knows how Sanderson will do. He's a real wildcard! He has had a tough time with Burroughs, but really all the pressure will be on Burroughs. I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen. Deep down, I think Cyler will end up in the wrestleback bracket. If he goes 1-1 though, he'll be an All-American Again.
  • How did Iowa do? Iowa does NOT have a guy at this weightclass!


  • #8 Reader (ISU) vs. Patrovich (Hofstra). Winner faces #4 Fay (UNI)/ #12 King (Edinboro).
  • Patrovich took out #1 Lewnes (Cornell) in the first round. I just really like Readers chances. I think he wins and will go to the finals. I like it even more than I did yesterday!
  • How did Iowa do? #3 Morningstar went 2-0 with two decisions. He'll face #6 Sponseller (Ohio State) tomorrow.


  • Burk (ISU) vs. Caruso (Lehigh) -> Wrestleback. Winner faces #10 Brenner (WVU)/ Perry (Indiana). Loser is out.
  • I think Burk is a goner. I considered him lucky to get here, and getting experience at this tournament will help him tons next year. Until he can wrestle from the bottom better, he isn't going to be a real scare to anyone.
  • How did Iowa do? #4 Borschel went 2-0 with 1 major decision and will face #5 Jordan (Missouri)


  • Ward (ISU) vs. #10 Honeycutt (Edinboro) -> Wrestleback. Winner faces #5 Kilgore (Kent State)/ Flynn (Oklahoma).
  • I think Ward will go 0-1 and be done. Another nice experience for a redshirt-freshman. He has a lot of potential that's for sure. I know I originally picked him #8, but I hate his draw now in the wrestlebacks. It's just too tough due to some upsets.
  • How did Iowa do? #2 Keddy went 2-0 with 1 pin. He faces #7 Umbehauer (Rider) tomorrow


  • #2 Jake Varner (ISU) vs. #7 Hasley (CSU-Baker).
  • Varner wins easily. He'll face either #3 Chriswell (Boise State) or #5 Askren (Missouri) in the semis if he wins. He's faced both these guys and will win I'd expect
  • How did Iowa do? Beatty went 1-1 and is in the wrestleback bracket. He faces Feist from Stanford tomorrow morning.


  • #1 David Zabriskie (ISU) vs. #9 Wise (Illinois)
  • I've got Big Z winning this. He could have a big rematch tomorrow night with #4 Rosholt from Okie State
  • How did Iowa do? #7 Erekson went 2-0 with a pin. He faces #2 Ellis (Mizzou) tomorrow


ISU - 5 guys in Championship Bracket, 5 in Wrestle Backs

Iowa - 6 guys in Championship Bracket, 3 in Wrestle Backs

Obviously tomorrow is a huge day. We gotta pull off some upsets and Iowa needs to choke a little!

Also, where did Edinboro come from? I think they have a real good chance at getting in the top 5 as they've really been performing well!

Anyways, let's see what tomorrow brings. We'll have to wrestle like crazy and get a little lucky to stay in this thing!