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NCAA Wrestling Tourney: Day 2 Thread

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Check here for the latest updates on today's action in Saint Louis. Today is a huge day. For our 5 guys still in the championship bracket (Gallick, Sanderson, Reader, Varner, Big Z), if they win 1 more time, the lowest they will get is 8th and they will be All-Americans.  If they win their first match, they will get at least 6th.

For our 5 guys in the wrestlebacks (Clark, Fanthorpe, Mueller, Burk, Ward), it's a little bit longer of a road to place (placing is 8th or higher and is what it takes to be an All-American). They would have to go 3-0 between this morning and tonight in order to place in this tournament. If they went 3-0, they would have a 4th match tonight where if they lost that, they would be in the 7th place match. If they lose before then, they are done.

When we go to bed tonight, we will know who will be wrestling in the finals, who will be wrestling for 7th place, and the 4 guys that will get between 3rd and 6th.

Session 3 starts at 10am CST today, and Session 4 starts at 6pm tonight. Again, huge day for the Cyclones and we'll need some of our guys to come up big!