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NCAA WBB: #4 ISU 85, #13 ETSU 53

A nice opening round for the Cyclones last night as they took care of business against 13-seeded East Tennessee State.

I was unable to follow a lot of this game, but the Cyclones had a nice start to the game, as they scored 47 points in the first half. It was a balanced scoring attack overall, as all of our starters had at least 10 points. Lacey led the way with 18 points, on 6 of 11 shooting from beyond the arc. The team had 16 total 3 pointers in that game. When you're making that many 3s, you're going to win more often than lose.

The Cyclones next name is tomorrow (Tuesday the 24th) night at 8:30pm against #12 Ball State. Ball State upset Tennessee in the first round, winning 71 to 55. I do not know much about Ball State, other than their victory was the first time Tennessee has lost in the first round of the tournament. I also see that Ball State played excellent defense as Tennessee was held to just 35.4% shooting on the night. If the Cyclones win, they will travel out to Berkeley, to face the winner of Duke/Michigan State.

It should be interesting, and here's hoping for another Cyclone victory!