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Twister Sisters to the Elite Eight!

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After being down by 6 with 1:00 left, the Cyclones beat Michigan State 69-68. The Cyclones will face the winner of Ohio State/Stanford on Monday night!

It's the first time the Cyclones have gone this far since 1999. A big congrats to the Cyclones and I hope that we can make it to the Final Four in the STL!

UPDATE: The Cyclones will play Stanford on Monday, 3/30 in Berkeley. The time hasn't been determined yety. It will be a home court advantage for Stanford, but from looking at the crowd from tonight, ISU will be represented pretty well which is very nice.

We played Stanford in November and lost 83-45. We've improved a lot during the year, and hopefully we can make it a game. I'd like to see us give the Cardinal a real challenge and of course I'd take a win as well!