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Follow Me on Twitter

I, mplscyclone, have caught onto the whole Twitter craze and I know that many are doing it these days. For those who do not know, Twitter is a form of microblogging, in which users update their status or thoughts in a brief message. It's fairly easy to follow users via text-messaging, or online with a BlackBerry, iPhone, or any other type of smart phone device.

My username is @mplscyclone. You can visit the page on .

I am working on setting up my Twitter account to post links to blog stories. I also will post ISU updates that do not necessarily fit into a blog. For example, I will be at the spring game. I may update my status like "offense is looking good, lots of passing" or "nice hit from LJ". Later on, I would then post a recap of the whole deal on the site. In otherwords, it's a way for those of you Twitter users reading to follow along in realtime or get some realtime updates, but it won't replace the blog content on this site.

I also use this account with my friends, so you aren't necessarily following  CloneChronicles, but rather myself. I am a fan of the Twins, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, Vikings, Movies, Comic Books, and of course ISU amongst other things. I try to stay away from politics and religion unless it pertains to a sports-related story (and even then the politics and religion aren't the main story in those cases).

So if you're an active Twitter user and want to follow me online, feel free to add me! I am looking forward to a GREAT VEISHEA weekend, and the Spring Football Game!