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Iowa State Daily previews spring game

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Lots of great stories in the Iowa State Daily previewing this Saturday's spring game.

Cyclones' offense starting from scratch

Great quote from Coach Rhoads about redshirt freshman running back Jeremiah Schwartz:

"Jeremiah Schwartz is a load. When he drops his shoulder and you come up to try and tackle him, I mean, you better bring a lunch pail, kitchen sink and everything else that you got with you because he's going to deliver it to you."

New system; same QB

Offensive coordinator Tom Herman gave some great insight into the mind of quarterback Austen Arnaud.

“The physical talents are there, he’s still processing the offense right now and so obviously that shows because when a quarterback is thinking he’s usually not very good,” Herman said. “When he just relaxes and plays, he’s one of the best I’ve ever been around. When he gets into problems it’s when he starts to think too much.”

Cyclone offense to aid defensive scheme

I'm really glad defensive coordinator Wally Burnham is here to help fix the problems of the past.

“We’ve got [film of South Florida] and how we run and tackle, and that’s the two things that evidently, they couldn’t do here in the past — I don’t know how many years,” Burnham said.


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