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Lack of athleticism holding back Cyclone men's basketball team

The Iowa State Daily did a three-part series on Iowa State men's basketball coach Greg McDermott and the future of the program. Nothing groundbreaking but McDermott reiterated that the Cyclones need more athletes on the court.

“You need a certain level of athleticism to compete at this level, and we don’t have enough of those guys, and some of the ones we did have, we’ve lost for different reasons. Having to release Mike Taylor, and Wesley Johnson’s decision to leave, those are two All-Big 12 type players that left our program for different reasons,” McDermott said. “You don’t replace them overnight. It takes some time to do that, and that’s what we’re working to do.”

McDermott is trying to remedy that problem by adding juco forward Marquis Gilstrap and true freshman point guard Chris Colvin.

“I’ll be disappointed if both of them aren’t competing for significant minutes on our team,” McDermott said.

Don't expect the 'Clones to shoot as many 3-pointers next season. McDermott expects a more athletic defense that will create opportunities for the offense.

“We need to get up and down a little more, and if we want to attract that type of player, they have to see that that’s the way you want to play,” he said.

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