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Official: Cael Sanderson Abandons ISU for Penn State

KCCI, The Des Moines Register, and several other news outlets are calling this official.

I will echo the statement that Jamie Pollard appears to be good at raising money and balancing the budget (as he's an accountant by trade), but he obviously is having issues hiring/retaining talent.

I've come across reports on message boards stating the raise was by about $75,000-$100,000 but some seem to indicate he was unhappy with the current administration more-so than being lured by the money. I would get the feeling of the latter, because I wouldn't believe that ISU with various donors wouldn't match that offer to keep Cael in Ames.

Many questions may come up about the future of the ISU program, and this is only the beginning. There are many Juniors on the roster, and we'll see if any choose to leave for 1 year or stay at ISU. I would assume the younger talent would try to transfer, especially the incoming freshmen for next year.

I just hope that ISU can find a good coach to replace Cael because I really am a big fan of College Wrestling. I also hope dearly that we can keep talent when we have it, because I am tired of these frequent coaching changes. I just have a sick feeling in my stomach and it's horrible because with VEISHEA and the Spring Game this weekend, ISU fans should be excited and not down.