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ISU AD Jamie Pollard Statement on Cael Sanderson

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From the The Des Moines Register:

“Cael (Sanderson) shared with me today that he has accepted the head coaching position at Penn State. I am extremely saddened for our institution’s student-athletes, staff, alums and fans. It is a difficult day for all Cyclones as we cope with the departure of a truly outstanding and accomplished student and coach. Cael’s unblemished collegiate record, Olympic glory and promising start as a coach all came while he was representing Iowa State University and he will forever be recognized as a Cyclone.”

“During the last week, Cael and I talked numerous times and we had several in-depth and personal discussions about this decision. Those talks included me asking what, if anything, could we do to keep him at Iowa State. I also asked President (Gregory) Geoffroy, Bill Fennelly and Greg McDermott to reach out to Cael and they all did so. In the end, Cael said that he appreciated everything Iowa State and our fans had done for him but he believes winning a national championship will be easier at Penn State. He said the high school talent in Pennsylvania and surrounding states is the best in the country and the kids in that area grow up wanting to wrestle for the Nittany Lions. He also said their overall athletics department resources are the best in the country.”

“I know this has been a very challenging and emotional decision for Cael and his family. I encourage all of our fans to put aside their disappointment and, instead, respect Cael for making a decision that he believes is in the best interest of his family. We are sad to see him leave, but we certainly wish him the best.”

“We will begin a national search for his replacement immediately and focus our full attention on identifying and recruiting a new coach who can add to the Iowa State championship legacies of former coaches Hugo Otopalik, Dr. Harold Nichols and Jim Gibbons.”



Quote from Mitch Mueller:

"It caught a lot of guys off guard."

"He just said he had to do what's best for he and his family, which you can't hold that against him."


I just wish I new more to the story with Jamie Pollard. It seems to be the politically correct answer to say that winning at Penn State is easier. I would have thought that Cael would have wanted to bring the program he Wrestled for some glory, but apparently not. I actually am kind of offended that someone with the work ethic that he had, would choose to go the easy way out, if Jamie Pollard is indeed telling the truth.

I just think that Jamie is holding back, and that there may have been a rift between the two, but doing something that appears to be easier or for more money, doesn't come across as something that Cael Sanderson would do. Then again, I guess I don't really know the guy anyways.