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Cael Sanderson on Departure

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Cael gives his side of the story on his blog

I guess what I do not understand is that if you love ISU so much, think that Jamie Pollard is a great AD, then why do you leave? He said he got less than a 10% pay increase from last year, it clearly isn't about money (if he's telling the truth).

Also, he talks about ISU having a good chance next year at winning the National Tournament. What he doesn't mention is how is he going to try to get as many of them to transfer to PSU as possible.

Something just doesn't feel right. Perhaps Cael is taking the high road in his blog, but I guess we'll never know the whole story. I get that the East Coast has better wrestlers, and that Penn State has better facilities, I really do, but you're Cael Sanderson. He was able to recruit nationally and all high school wrestlers know the name. If his goal is to win a championship, and the current team has the ability to do so, then it seems silly to leave.

If a school cannot keep it's most popular alum, the head coach of one of the teams in the nation, and paying more than any other coach in the sport, then what more can it really do?