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Iowa State gets California in Big 12/Pac 10 series

I really love Berkeley, California. So it's going to be tough to pass on the road trip to see the Cyclones men's basketball team -- with Craig Brackins! -- play the California Golden Bears in the 2009 Big 12/Pac 10 Hardwood Series on Saturday, December 5.

Should be a helluva game with ISU returning four starters and adding juco forwards Marcus Gilstrap and LaRon Dendy and freshman point guard Chris Colvin while only losing one starter (point guard Brian Peterson). Not to overstate the talent coming in. They'll need time to develop and gel with the team. But they should be an upgrade in athleticism (no offense, Petey).

Cal (22-11) made the NCAA Tournament last season, losing in the first round to Maryland. They'll return a strong backcourt with seniors Jerome Randle and Patrick Christopher.