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Craig Brackins Postseason Awards

Here is a summary of the postseason awards Craig Brackins has won:


  • First Team All-Big 12
  • First Team All-District
  • First Team All-Midlands
  • Honorable Mention All-America

Brackins averaged 20.2 points, and 9.5 rebounds per game. He is the third Cyclone in history to get 600+ points and 300+ rebounds in a season. Jeff Grayer (1988) and Zaid Abdul-Aziz (1967, 1968)

Another interesting note is that Brackins' 61 career blocks is good for a tie with Jeff Grayer for 11th all time at ISU.

It was a good individual season for Brackins and it's good to see him recognized for it. Right now the rumor is that Brackins will declare without an Agent. That wouldn't really surprise me. It would be my hope that he'd come back for 1 more year as one more year in school would help him tremendously.

It's April so Cyclone fans will know either way pretty soon.