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Updates in Cyclone Nation

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Things seem to be relativley quiet these days around town, as this is normal for early April in Ames, Iowa. Basketball and Wrestling season are over, school is over in about a month, and a lot of the talk around town is centered on VEISHEA.

I just thought I'd briefly touch on what's been going on along with what other Cyclone fans are talking about these days:

  • Craig Brackins NBA rumors: These days everyone seems to have a source. Many seem to believe that Brackins will declare for the draft. Many Cyclone basketball fans are hoping he stays for one more year. I just can't believe the bizarre theories regarding all of this. I read stories online where people say stuff like "my uncle's friend's cousin is a janitor in State Gym. One day Brackins was playing pickup with some of the guys, and afterwards he was like "I'm going to the NBA, so peace out!"". I mean, come on. I just think people need to chill, but it's understandably hard. Next year's class sounds exciting, and having Craig for another year would help keep some continuity and likely help get ISU's program to respectibilty status. In my opinion, this draft class seems to be very fluid. Besides Blake Griffin, you could argue for or against a slew of players to be taken in the first round. I personally that if Brackins does declare, it's without an agent and he can get feedback from the NBA scouts before making a final decision.
  • Basketball Recruiting/Attrition: As talked about before, ISU has had a couple of players transfer out of the program. While these guys were not contributors on game day for the team, ISU fans are generally discouraged by the news. With the possibility of Brackins being gone, many are speculating on what the coaching staff may do with the open scholarship. There are so many theories, that I think it belongs more on a message board than this site. Also the Harrison Barnes rumors have died down...... Sorry, just checking to make sure you're still reading! The Harrison Barnes rumors are actually heating up. Apparently Roy Williams made a visit to Ames today, and Harrison Barnes is supposed to make some updates regarding his recruitment (although a commitment is not likely at this point). Overall, it's a bunch of chatter. When there aren't games to be talked about, the rumors swirl and that's just the natural process.
  • ISU Football Spring Practices: Many ISU fans are really pumped about Paul Rhoads. I think it's refreshing to have a coach that is showing that he wants to be there.  I also think people want to know what the offense is going to look like, as many are arguably even more excited about having Offensive Coordinator (former Rice OC) Tom Herman. Spring Practices have been in full swing, and the Spring Game will be on Saturday, April 18th at 3pm. Admission is free, so if you're in Ames or nearby, I recommend checking it out. 
  • Website Business: I am with everyone in that it's sad to see CrossCyed go. He's given me an opportunity to try to continue the tradition that he started and I am very thankful for that. I hope many of you still make Clone Chronicles part of your normal website visits. I have a lot of ideas about the future of this site, and I hope all of you join in with me. What I can say in the near-term is that I will be discussing Football and the Spring Game.  Of course if any breaking news comes along, I'll definitley talk about it here. Also, if you're interesting in writing for Clone Chronicles, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at: . If you're passionate about ISU and enjoy writing, that's exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope to make the future this site as good as the past!