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Paul Rhoads Brings Passion, but Hopefully He Brings Wins Too

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Dirk Chatelain, writer for the Omaha World-Herald, wrote a piece on Paul Rhoads called "Rhoads brings passion to Cyclones".  In sum, it's about how Paul Rhoads loves being at ISU, and how he's emotionally connecting with the players and fans.

My favorite quote from the article, however is the following:

"Rhoads who mingled with ISU fans Thursday at the Qwest Center Omaha part of the Cyclones Tailgate Tour, is popular in Cyclone circles because he hasn't lost a football game."


"But, more important, Rhoads acts and speaks as if he cares about ISU, a sentiment missing from former Coach Gene Chizik, who left ISU for Auburn after two seasons."

Chatelain, hit the nail on the head. So many Cyclone fans are just in LOVE with Rhoads. I've seen many talk about getting 6-8 wins, going to a bowl game, and just having enternally optomistic views of the program now that Rhoads is here.

All of the rhetoric is nice and works in the off season, especially when you're trying to sell tickets, but we're going to need to see the differences on the field this season. It's not about a win total, but how we play this year, at least to me. If we aren't playing the game how we should be, all of this passion and enthusiasm will grow tired. Rhoads is setting himself up for some huge expectations, and I hope the program is able to mee the challenge.

Rhoads brings passion, and I won't deny that. I just hope he brings us some more wins next year.

You can read the whole article here.