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MBB: Antwon Oliver is Now On The Radar

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I know this was a guy who signed late this spring, that sort of flew under the radar. We didn't hear anything about him prior to his signing, and when he did, he was completely off the radar. I know for many it raised some concern.

Well, Oliver is now "on" the radar so to say as ESPN has finally graded him. He's rated an 86 out of 100 and sounds like a very athletic guy. You can read the writeup here.

I do think he'll need to hit the weights a little to play in the Big 12, but athletisim is one area you cannot teach. You can teach a guy how to shoot better, or to play better defense, but you cannot teach a guy to be an athlete. Something like this just validates that the coaching staff is finally starting to understand the type of player you need to bring into a Big 12 program. He may have to redshirt this year as we have a surplus of guards, and he may need to develop in some areas, but he could be an exciting player for us down the road.

From what I understand, the reason he was unrrated before was because everyone thought he'd go the JUCO route. Obviously he worked hard and got himself signed with ISU.

Congrats to Oliver and I hope to see him in a Cyclone Uniform soon.