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Remembering Ed Thomas


Writing this has been long overdue, as I have been away on emergency.  By now, you probably heard about the murder of Ed Thomas, the Aplington-Parkersburg High Head Football coach. June 24th was a sad day for not just Iowa sports, but for high school athletics as a whole.

Ed Thomas was a man that changed people's lives. From all accounts, he was a great football coach, but an even better mentor and person. He helped the community rebuild after the devastating damage a tornado caused, that wiped out the entire town. When a community has to endure something so devastating, it's make or break time. Either the community will crumble, or it will become united and stronger than before. Well, the community became stronger and it was because of the leadership of Ed Thomas.

Now the community is mourning the loss of a man who shaped so many lives. They will mourn for long I am sure, but no doubt they will become stronger than before.

There really is not much more to say other than to enjoy your life, and be thankful for everyday. You never know when it all can come to an end.

Goodbye Mr. Thomas. You were a great man, and those of us in Iowa will never forget you. The best way we can honor the man is to take the lessons he taught, and apply them to our own lives.