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Cyclone Roundup: 6/6/2009

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There has been a lot going on with all sorts of the sports. Here's a quick update with what has been going on:

With wrestling, Kevin Jackson hired Chris Bono, and Yero Washington as assistant coaches. Nate Gallick will be serving as a volunteer assistant coach as well. According to Jackson, Washington will work with the lighter weights, Bono with the middle weights, and Jackson with the upper weights.

I think the coaching hires are great moves. All of them have coaching experience (Bono with head coaching experience at UT-Chattanooga), and know how to recruit guys. They also are both very passionate. I think in general, we will see a Cyclone Wrestling Squad with a lot more heart than in years past.

Also in wrestling, Jake Varner won the Free Style World Team trials in his weight last week. Jake will be headed to Denmark in September to compete on the World Team. Congrats to Jake as this certainly is an accomplishment. To be probably the best in the Nation at your weight is awesome. I know he will do well overseas!

In basketball-related news, Harrison Barnes is going to play with Howard Pulley in Minneapolis as opposed to the All Iowa Attack. This has created all sorts of speculation. Jake Sullivan, coach of the All Iowa Attack, said it was due to scheduling. A lot of Cyclone fans are not buying it. Some think this is no big deal, while others think this is a sign that he's going to sign someone other than ISU. I guess we will see what happens in the next 3-6 months.

With football, there is not a lot of news, but there is activity behind the scenes. We are making offers to the 2010 class, but there haven't been any additional commitments yet. The preseason publications are out and ISU isn't ranked very well at all. At the same time, some of these publications think that ISU may be an interesting team. Nationally, there are always going to be low expecatations. We won 2 games last year and now have a new coaching staff.

It's really hard to argue that we'll do better than 5-6 wins this upcoming season. Of course this is the time of year when College Football fans start to break out the schedule and make predictiions on what's going to happen as well.