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One Week from Big 12 Media Day

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In one week from today, Big 12 Media will be underway with Coach Paul Rhoads, QB Austen Arnaud, G Reggie Stephens, and DT Nate Frere representing ISU. For many, it is the kickoff to the start of football season. Coaches  and players will discuss the upcoming football season.

As an ISU fan, however, media day is always a bit of a disappointment. I would expect this trend to continue this year, and here's why:

Paul Rhoads overexposure (at least locally)

For those of us living in Central Iowa, we've seen Paul Rhaods on TV and have heard him on the radio several times since taking over in January. Everytime I've heard the man speak, he's essentially said the same thing over and over. Being physical, passionate, working on fundamentals, improving, etc. You can't really blame him as there hasn't been a game yet, and everything that's being said is pretty much coach-speak.

We will not really know much about this football team until we see them suit up and play a real game (Spring Practice does not count). Coach comes across as a pretty straight-forward guy, but you can tell he will want our game to do the talking, instead of himself. I doubt he'll get into predictions for wins and losses other than probably saying that they think they will do better than expected (as do I). I highly doubt  he will bad mouth any other teams and coaches a la Lane Kiffen and his fellow SEC brethern.

If you've been paying attention to ISU this offseason, you probably aren't going to learn anything new, and you're likely to hear many themes repeated. What's the over/under on the phrase "We will hit you coming off the bus" ?

Lack of hype

This is a topic that often comes up during media day on the message boards. Posters want to know what kinds of questions are being asked, and what the feelings are about ISU. I can assure you that the answer will range from generic to slightly negative.

If you don't believe me, just look around. ESPN's Big 12 reporter/blogger hardly ever mentions ISU. Over the past couple of weeks he has mentioned the following about ISU:

  • The Seneca Wallace Run is his #24 best Big 12 Football Memory (Hey Tim, it was in 2002 not 2001!)
  • The Des Moines Register had a poll for the Greatest ISU Player Ever
  • Paul Rhoads likes motorcycles, wants to learn to fly, and has grown a beard over the summer
  • ISU should fear NDSU
  • Jack Trice is apparently the worst stadium in the Big 12
  • Our game against Iowa is going to be hard.

Not exactly ground-breaking stuff, and this is going to be one of the guys at media day! With Nebraska and Oklahoma State going on Monday as well, I'm guessing the media will be more prepped for these teams, and not do much research about ISU. They will resort to general questions about the new coaching staff, and improving for the upcoming season.

I am guessing we'll have zero guys on the preseason All Big 12 team, and we'll be picked to finish last in the conference as well, as we already have by several publications.

Don't get me wrong though. I am not being totally down on the team. I'm looking forward to our new offense, and to see if the defense has improved. I am more than ready to erase this 2-10 nightmare from last year and watch the team prove the everyone they're better than most people think.

My point is that the media isn't going to pay attention to us until we turn the ship around, start winning games, and having winning seasons. Since this is a media event, I think it's going to be somewhat lackluster for an ISU fan.

For the amount hoopla that surrounds this event, I typically learn little if anything. I am hoping that I will be wrong this year, but I still feel like the answers to our questions will be realized when we step foot on the field against the Bison on September 3rd.

As an ISU fan, what are your thoughts on media day?