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Who Do You Root For Besides Iowa State?

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This came to mind today as I was playing NCAA 2007 on my PS2. Yeah, that's not a joke. One thing that I like about NCAA is that it doesn't "really" matter what year it is you play. If you're in Dynasty Mode, after the first year, you sign all of these made up players anyways. If you play head to head against a friend, then you just take a stroll down memory lane and remember the days of when some of the star guys were still in college.

I'm going off topic though; As a sports fan, I root for other teams besides Iowa State, typically 1 from each BCS conference. This keeps life fun, especially during bowl season and/or the NCAA Tournament. When I play friends in video games, I'll pick one of "my" teams other than ISU just to mix it up.

Don't get me wrong though; ISU is my #1 first and foremost. If ISU plays any of my other teams, it's no question who I will root for. Also, if my one of my other teams wins, I don't celebrate it and act like I've been there from day one, because that type of stuff makes me sick.

Here are the other teams I root for besides Iowa State:

Conference Team
ACC Basketball Maryland
ACC Football
Big East Pittsburgh
Big Ten


SEC Georgia


All of my choices have their reasons:

Maryland Basketball: My Uncle was a huge Terps fan and got me exposed to College Basketball at the young age of 12. Really made me realize how much better the College game is to the NBA. It's not that I don't necessarily root for them in Football, but my like for them stemmed from basketball back in the mid-1990s.

Miami Football: When I was young, they were all that. They were so fun to watch and were so dominant. Also, they have Rivalries with Notre Dame, Florida, and Florida State, all schools that I do not care for if not hate.

Pitt: I've been a fan since Larry Fitzgerald played for them. I knew of him from when he lived in Minneapolis and knew all about his dad as he was doing radio in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota: I think this one if obvious: I grew up in Minneapolis and have friends and family attend Minnesota.

Washington: They were good at football when I started really following College Football. Plus I like their uniforms. Also, I have a strong dislike for every other team in the Pac-10 except for Cal. I just flipped a coin to decide between the two and Washington won.

Georgia: They dislike Auburn, Georgia Tech, and Florida. Good enough for me!

Anyhow, I'd love to hear who else you guys/gals out there root for besides Iowa State!