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Preseason BlogPoll Ballot

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Clone Chronicles (along with many blogs) have been invited again to participate in the BlogPoll on How it works is the following: Every Sunday, I will post a top 25 ballot for everyone to view. We then can discuss my ballot in the comments section.

After weighing everyone's comments, I will post a revised (and final) ballot on Wednesday Morning. After all the blogs submit their ballots, they are aggregated and posted here. This will be happening throughout the college football season, just like the other polls out there.

This is your opportunity as a fan to have some influence over a top 25 poll!

Take a look at my initial ballot below, and let me know your thoughts:


Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Oklahoma
3 Texas
4 Alabama
5 Southern Cal
6 Virginia Tech
7 Oklahoma State
8 Mississippi
9 Ohio State
10 Penn State
11 Georgia
12 California
13 LSU
14 Georgia Tech
15 TCU
16 Boise State
17 Florida State
18 Iowa
19 Brigham Young
20 North Carolina
21 Nebraska
22 Michigan State
23 Kansas
24 Rutgers
25 Illinois


Under Consideration: Clemson, Notre Dame, Miami, Pittsburgh, Southern Miss

Some Quick Comments:

  • Here was my general methodology for ranking the teams: Florida is the obvious #1 choice. Tebow and that defense are back. #2-10 are teams that have a good shot at winning it all. #11-15 are teams that I think could make it to a BCS bowl game, depending on how the season plays out. #16 and after are teams that I think are pretty good, but have to prove to me they can go to the next level.
  • I have not included some notable teams in the AP Top 25: Oregon, Utah, and Notre Dame. If you look at Oregon, while they did finish strong last year, they have a new Head Coach, and have lost a bunch of guys. Utah has lost a bunch of guys as well. Notre Dame is a bit of an afterthought to me. In my opinion, they only reason why they typically get preseason ranked in the Top 25 is because of their name. Notre Dame may have the talent to be ranked, but I want to see it on the field.
  • The rest under consideration (minus Southern Miss) are teams that have talent, but still have question marks due to coaching, scheduling, or both. Southern Miss may seem like a reach, but they were a bowl team last year with 19 starters coming back. They play some BCS teams like Virginia, Kansas, and Louisville, and I look for them to turn some heads this coming season.

Let me know what you think of the rankings. If you have specific questions or comments about any of the teams, feel free to share in the comments!