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One Week Away from Kickoff! Who's Excited?

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At this time a week from today, the Cyclones first game of the season will be in the books. We will be breaking down what we liked, didn't like, etc. I honestly can't wait for it!

All of this preseason prognostication can be tiring. We end up going rounds with people talking about all of the offseason moves, how guys worked hard, things will be better, etc., but as you go around and read articles on other teams who were not so hot last year, they typically say the same things about their team. It's natural. We are fans and we want our team to do better, it's more fun that way!

We have the latest depth chart, we have an idea on who is going to see the field and what position they will play. When there are a handful of new players, all new coaches, new system, position changes, etc., one really has no idea how it's going to look until the first game is played.

I can't wait until Thursday afternoon: leaving work early, getting to the tailgating lots, throwing some food on the grill, drinking a cold one, playing some catch, and just getting ready for another fun season. If you are wondering how an ISU fan can "have fun" with a team that's been difficult to watch these last few years, obviously you haven't been to Ames on Gameday.

Not much else to add at this point, other than being excited for the 2009 College Football season.

Next week, we preview our first opponent of the season, North Dakota State.