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Who Do You Root Against Besides Iowa?

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I realize that some Cyclone fans root for both Iowa and Iowa State. I am not one of those fans at all. When the Cyclones lose a game, I feel better about it if Iowa loses, mainly because I know the Iowa fans aren't going to rub it in too much.

Unlike the "Who Do You Root For" posts, my hate is not equal across conferences. Below are the 9 teams (other than Iowa which is #1) that I love to see lose:

  • Duke - I love to watch them lose in Basketball. ESPN always kisses their butt, and it's so much fun to watch them not make it.
  • Notre Dame - A school you typically either love or hate. For me, I enjoy rooting against them, especially in football, because they have this set in their mind that they are still an elite football program, but they haven't been that good in a long while. I realize the traditions and the past, but I live in the present.
  • USC - When they play Notre Dame, I hope they both lose. With football, I do respect their skills. Unlike Notre Dame, they are an elite football program. These past several years, they have had teams good enough to compete in the National Championship game, but they go all Hawkeye and typically lose a game they are heavily favored to win. I love it. Nothing is more fun than seeing a huge underdog take down one of the best teams in the sport
  • Michigan - For me this is personal. I went to a Gophers-Michigan game as a kid. I was maybe 10 years old, rooting for the Gophers in the Metrodome and these Michigan fans were talking smack to me, and rubbed it in my face when Minnesota lost. For me, I hate Iowa, but if there's just a young kid rooting for them at a game, I'm not going to do anything like that. It's classless. Since that game, I've been on the Ohio State side of the Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry
  • Florida - When I started following College Football I never liked Spurrier, so I didn't like Florida. Now, I actually don't mind Urban Meyer at all, but I still enjoy watching Florida lose than win. Sometimes I just pretend that Meyer is Spurrier. I also think Tebow is overrated, but that's another story. To me, they are having too much success at thier school. It's getting to their heads, and all we hear about these days is Florida
  • Florida State -  I like Miami, so I feel like I can't like FSU. I don't have much other reason to dislike them
  • Auburn - I cannot STAND Auburn at all. When Gameday goes there and I see their fans, I just want to punch them. Chizik big timing ISU for Auburn has given me another reason to hate them, and it's going to be fun
  • Nebraska - Their fans really annoy me. Outside of football, they are often times good people, but I cannot stand them as football fans. 
  • Kansas State - I don't like Bill Snyder, I didn't care for Ron Prince, and the only team I like that wears Purple are the Minnesota Vikings. Wildcat fans enjoy making fun of Iowa State, but they need to look in the mirror and realize they suck too.

Lastly, I do not really root for the Big 12 conference in the NCAA Tournament or Bowl Games. For me, it's difficult to root for teams that I want my own team to beat. I hear the argument that having your conference do well is good for recruiting, but is that REALLY true? In 2005, when Texas won it all in Football, did ISU's recruiting in 2005 get better? In Basketball when Florida won back-to-back championships, did SEC Basketball recruiting get better? Probably not as the SEC has been one of the worst major conferences in basketball the last couple of years.

Also, I do not like the Big 12, as I do not think they do much for the North teams, but maybe I'll save all of those thoughts for another post.

Who do you root against besides Iowa? I'd love to hear your thoughts!