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ISU Media Day Yesterday, Football Practice Starts Today.... It's Football Season!

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Yesterday the ISU Football Coaches and Players hosted media day in Ames. I personally like this media day better than the National Media Day, typically because you have people that actually follow the team more closely asking quesitons, and typically you get better info.

Here are some highlights:

  • Coach Rhoads confirmed that Joshua Bellamy, Taylor Martin, Princeton Jackson, and Brandon Mims will not be joining the team. These were guys we originally signed this past signing day. According to coach, some are for academic reasons, others are personal reasons, while Princeton Jackson wants to pursue baseball instead.
  • DC Wally Burnham considers the CBs to be our biggest strength defensivly. Burnham called Leonard Johnson and Kennard Banks, lock down corners, and stated it will give the defense more opportunities to blitz. I personally like the idea of blitzing more, because in this league you need to pressure the QB. If you give him enough time to find the spot in the zone, he will.
  • Nate Frere says that the defense's goal is to hold opponents to 20 points per game. That's going to be a big challenge playing in the Big 12, but obviously you have to set some kind of a goal.
  • On the offensive side, Austen Arnaud is going to be the starting QB (I didn't think there was much doubt there), but Rhoads did note how great of a spring Jerome Tiller had. Also, OC Tom Herman emphasized the offense will consist of a bunch of short passes. We aren't going to be throwing bombs every play. Not really too suprised there.
  • According to some local media, Alexander Robinson apparently put in a lot of work in the offseason and looks real good. Rhoads did mention that Robinson is a perfect fit for the offense they want to run.
  • On the injury side of things, Hamilton and Darks have some minor injuries. Hamilton's groin and Darks hamstring, but no one is anticipating them missing any games
  • With the uniforms, player names are going to be on the back of the jerseys again. I'm pretty indifferent about this, as I can't see the names from the stands, but I know many are excited about it.

I am really starting to get pumped for the season! It sounds like the guys have really put in the time in the offseason, and I want to see how all of that hard work translates onto the field. I think we're going to play with a chip on our shoulder all year, and I think we will suprise some people!

Today practice gets underway, and on Saturday the team throws the pads on for the first time.

Later in the week, I will make my Big 12 Football Predictions, so be on the lookout for that. Football season is here, and it's going to be a fun fall!