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I wanted to update everyone on the latest change at Clone Chronicles. As you are probably noticing, "mplscyclone" is no longer here. Thrown off? Well, this may disappoint some, but we didn't change authors at all!  I have made the decision to go by my real name as opposed to a screen name for a slew of reasons, but mostly in an attempt to personalize Clone Chronicles a bit more.

When I was a contributor, it was easier and more fun to have an alter-ego only known online. With now being the lead writer on the site, I think it makes better sense to let you, the reader, know who I am and what I'm all about. 

My mission is to make Clone Chronicles a place where Cyclone Fans can find a place that covers the team from a different angle, and in a way that can make you proud. If you aren't a Cyclone Fan, then I hope it's a place where you can learn something new, maybe have a quick laugh, or discuss your team (as long as its relevant).

With kickoff only 2 days away, there is plenty more to discuss!

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to an exciting year of Cyclone Athletics!