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Cy-Hawk Week: Anything You Have NOT Heard?

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As I head into my 8th Cy-Hawk game since I started following the Cyclones, I think I've heard every single argument from the analysts and fans. The talking points typically go a little something like this:

  • Is this game a rivalry?
  • Is this game more important for ISU?
  • Is this game important at all?
  • Kirk Ferentz's record against ISU
  • Dan McCarney

Then, almost everybody usually picks Iowa to win. 

To be honest, I'm tired of all of that crap. I'm tired of talking about the same things in 2009 that we did in 2002 (probably in 1998); it's boring.

What I wonder is whether anyone can add something new to Cy-Hawk talk?

Let's find out!

First on the list, is Des Moines Register beat writer Randy Peterson

Why does Iowa State hold a homefield advantage against Iowa in recent years?

The Cyclones have won 4 of the past 5 games in this rivalry at Jack Trice Stadium, and they're hoping to add to that trend during Saturday's 11am game.

Hawkeye coach Kirk Ferentzis 4-6 against the Cyclones, including 0-2 the first time he faces a new Iowa State coach. That will be the case Saturday, with Paul Rhoads on the other side of the field.

But why?

So then you scroll down, and see that there's nothing left. That's it!

Are you effing kidding me? What kind of a blog post is that???

Let's see here: My name is Randy Peterson, my job is the write about the Cyclones. I notice that ISU has won at home 4 out of 5 times (which takes all of 60 seconds to look up). I have no clue why, will not do any kind of work trying to find out the answer, and won't come up with my own theory at all. So I post on my blog, hoping to find the answer from the reader.

So what do the readers say?

NOTHING. There are 0 comments.....

And people wonder why the Des Moines Register is struggling these days?

Let's try Tim Griffin:

The Cyclones have had much recent success against the Iowa Hawkeyes at Jack Trice Stadium, where they won four of the last five in the series since 1999.

Haven't heard that one yet!

Don't be surprised if wily Defensive Coordinator Norm Parker cooks up a defensive scheme that will handcuff the Cyclones' emerging no-huddle offense.

Oh like what? A base 4-3, with the occasional blitz? Honestly, has Iowa ever played any kind of exciting ball or cooked up some crazy scheme?

In the end, he picks Iowa over ISU 21-17. Tim, you bring up the point that ISU has had a 80% winning percentage at home the last 5 there, but then pick them to lose? The way they taught us in school, is to make a point and use the facts to contradict it  back it up.

So who do I turn to next? KXnO's very own Miller and Deace! They chatted about the game today at 12:30pm. Let's see some of the comments:

Mitch from Pleasant Hill:  Can't wait for the game to be over. I know Hawk fans see this as a lose-lose for them, but it's kind of a lose-lose for the cyclones too. If we win, we get NO respect (Iowa came out flat, this is Iowa State's Superbowl, they're a one man team with Seneca, Iowa gets better as the season goes on...), but if we lose then we have to continue to hear the same thing from the past couple're the little brother. Really the only way to silence Iowa fans is to beat them, and win a Big XII North title. Which will VERY hard to do with the depth Iowa State has, and will have in the future.

Mitch from Pleasant Hill sounds kind of scared if you ask me. You want the game to be over with? Why? You got the Ohio State game circled on your calendar? MItch needs to man up

Miller:  Sounds like you have the script down.   It's good to be big brother when you win...but big brother gets no quarter when he doesn't.   That has probably been unfair to a few ISU teams through the years and certainly unfair to Coach Mac, who made this a game...I doubt we would be doing chats like this on this game were it not for him

This game not being a rivalry? Check.

Dan McCarney? You better believe it!

Deace:  Mitch, I agree with every word of your post.  The difference between the two programs since this became a rivalry again is what they do after this game.   Iowa is usually a force in its conference under Ferentz, and the Cyclones have not yet taken that next step in the Big 12.   Frankly, winning at Nebraska this year would be twice as nice for the credibility of Rhoads' new regime as winning this Saturday would.

Game not important? Check.

And this guy is supposed to be an ISU fan? He's already mentioned how he will be staying at home and watching on TV. If you're a fan of a team, you go to their biggest game of the year (especially when you can likely go for free with your media credential). The most likely reason is that he wants to watch Michigan on TV. That's fine, but perhaps he should move to Ann Arbor and cover the Wolverines then.

Moving on, my man Eric has a question that we've never heard some version of before:

Is this game bigger for KF or CPR? My thoughts are: Coaches Rhoads has his first game as the H.C. in this series and a win may go a long ways in recruiting the instate talent. Also a win gives them confidence and a shot of starting 5-0 (which would be way above expectations). For KF, a win here means they are most likely 4-0 going into conference season and possibly a shot at a January Bowl game. But another loss to ISU may derail them like it did 2 years ago?

The old, "who is this game more important for?" question!

Deace, take it away:

There is much more at stake here for Ferentz  than Rhoads if he loses, but winning the game would mean for Rhoads than it will mean for Ferentz.

Game being bigger for ISU? Check

The chat goes on and on, and actually is pretty lame. At the end you ask yourself "What did I learn" to which you will  answer yourself "Nothing".

Moral of the story? No one can find anything new or interesting to talk about.

It really is a shame, because the media makes such a fun weekend boring. What I enjoy about it, are the fans. Mostly the desire for your team to do well so that Hawk fan sitting next to you will shut up!