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Kent State Week: Time To Move On

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Here were are on a Monday, back at work or school trying to gather where we go from here. As fans we have either one of two options:

  • The first option is to sulk in the corner, thumb in mouth, in the fetal position. Make up excuse after excuse on how we lost and feel sorry for ourselves. If you're a real pessimist, you can advocate for player benchings, coach firings, etc.
  • The second option is to try to forget about it and move on.

I am choosing the latter option. Look, I am not one of those guys who wants to pretend that the Iowa game doesn't matter, because I think it means a lot. At the same time, we cannot change what happened. It was a bad game, but dwelling on it won't make anything better. If we can move on, then we can enjoy the accomplishments this team will have as the season goes on.

This week, we've got Kent State at their place. It's the perfect opportunity for the Cyclones to break the 17 game road losing streak we have had to endure over the past few years. While the game will not be easy, Kent State doesn't look to be all that difficult, especially after news about RB Eugene Jarvis missing the rest of the season due to a kidney injury.

No more excuses, no irrational behavior either. Let's rally around our guys and hope they have a great game on Saturday!