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CBS Blogpoll Week 3

Below is Clone Chronicles' ballot for Week 3:

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
4 California
5 Mississippi
6 LSU 3
7 Boise State 4
8 Penn State
9 Oklahoma 3
10 Miami (Florida) 10
11 Florida State 11
12 TCU 1
13 Virginia Tech 1
14 Oklahoma State 1
15 Georgia 3
16 Southern Cal 9
17 Ohio State 1
18 Nebraska 1
19 Brigham Young 13
20 Kansas 1
21 North Carolina
22 Cincinnati
23 Pittsburgh 1
24 Iowa 1
25 Clemson


Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#10), Southern Miss (#23).
Other Teams Considered: Auburn, Missouri, Southern Miss, Houston, UConn
  • Top 5 Remains the Same. I was surprised the Florida game was close, and if I'm a Cal fan, I have to worry a little about my team as well. Something I noticed with Cal is that they let Minnesota get back into the game after building up a nice lead. They are very talented and could get to a BCS game, but they aren't playing like a championship team. Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi won as expected, but Texas was pretty sloppy at times as well. I feel somewhat confident that these are 5 of the top teams in the Nation right now, but they all have areas to improve upon
  • 6-10 = ???. In my opinion everyone from 6-25 is not that far apart from each other. LSU and Boise State are fun to watch so I moved them up. I'm not sure how good Penn State is, as they've had 3 home cupcakes. Oklahoma moves up by default, although they haven't done much this year either. I am very impressed with Miami as they are playing the toughest opening schedule a team can play.
  • 11-15: Straight up power rankings. For example, Florida State surprisingly rolled BYU. They lost to Miami so I have them at 11, but I think they could beat the teams from 12-15 right now. These 11-15 teams all won, but it's a hard group to seperate other than I think Florida State might be the best of the group.
  • 16-20: USC didn't play well, but they lost close on the road, and they lay an egg almost every year. Ohio State played as expected, and Nebraska did better than I expected so they barely move. I actually think that BYU could beat the teams from 16-20, but I'm punishing them for playing bad at home. This is almost a power ranking
  • 21-25: UNC played as expected so they stay where they are. Cincy gets a solid road win and enter my ballot for the first time this season. Pitt and Iowa get decent wins, and move accordingly. Pitt and Iowa will play a way where they won't necessarily wow you, but they have some talent, and if they keep winning they should be on the ballot.  Clemson gets a solid win over Boston College. I really think Clemson is a Top 25 team talent-wise; it's just all about playing to their potential.
  • Thank You Oregon! For showing everyone how I felt about Utah all year: solid, but not great. The only reason why Utah was ranked was because of their previous successes, but they lost a lot of guys, and are probably the 3rd or 4th best Mountain West team, which isn't bad, but not Top 25 caliber.
  • Still not sold on Michigan and Notre Dame. I watched part of Notre Dame and they looked like the .500 teams they've been putting on the field. Since I don't think Notre Dame is that good, I'm discounting Michigan a bit. Other than the Notre Dame game, Michigan has played as expected. I just don't think the Big 10 will be all that good. I want to see what Michigan does as the season goes on. If they keep winning, they will be hard to ignore.
  • Georgia Tech had me fooled. I think they are a big pretender. They run an offense that teams aren't used to seeing, but are so one-dimensional that I don't think they can seriously contend. Miami made them look silly, and Georgia Tech had been playing Miami very well. I think the Triple Option is fun to watch, but teams are going to play better defense against it as the season goes on: their QB isn't a good enough passer to be a consistent threat.
  • It's still so early in the season. Very tough to get a grasp on how good teams are. I haven't been that impressed with a lot of teams, as many are playing as expected or slightly worse. The team I am the most excited about is Miami, but with games at Virginia Tech and then against Oklahoma, it's hard not to think they may stumble. If they do get through this portion of their schedule 4-0, they are a top 5 team in my mind.