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Clone Chronicles Week 4 College Football Viewing Guide

Confused? See this post. Remember this is for those that have Mediacom in Central Iowa, and times are all in Central.

Overall not the greatest offering of the week. I think there are some good matchups but the National TV folks missed out on it. If you like the Big 10, then this is probably your dream week come Saturday.

Tonight: Mississippi vs. South Carolina, 6:30pm, ESPN

I can't say I'm exactly pumped for this game. But, it is a SEC game. Both teams will have had a short week to prepare, so that could make it interesting. If Mississippi is for real, they would roll South Carolina

Tomorrow: Missouri vs. Nevada, 8pm, ESPN

Before the season started, I thought this would be a game that Nevada could win, and I'm sure that's why it's on ESPN. Missouri is better than I thought (or at least looks that way), and Nevada looks to be a little worse. Now, it all depends on which Missouri team shows up. Night road games on National TV are hard to win.

Saturday, September 26: I list the options for each time slot and bold the game I would watch.


  • Michigan State vs. Wisconsin - ESPN
  • Indiana vs. Michigan – ESPN2
  • Minnesota vs. Northwestern – Big 10 Network
  • Southern Miss vs. Kansas – Fox Sports Midwest
  • Cornell at Yale - Versus
  • If you get ESPN360 – North Carolina vs. Georgia Tech
  • If you have a sports package: South Florida vs. Florida State - ESPNU

I think Southern Miss is a Top 25 caliber team. I want to watch this to see 1)If Southern Miss is as good as I think, and 2) how Kansas is looking as I haven't seen them yet this year. UNC vs. GA Tech is probably the best game on this list, but I do not have ESPN360. The ESPNU game would be more intriguing if USF QB Grothe wasn't out for the year. Minnesota vs. Northwestern is my backup game, followed by Michigan State vs. Wisconsin.


  • Arkansas vs. Alabama - CBS
  • Illinois vs. Ohio State – ABC
  • Miami vs. VA Tech– ESPN
  • UTEP vs. Texas – Fox Sports Midwest
  • Florida A&M vs. Tennessee State – Versus
  • If you have a sports package: Pitt vs. NC State – ESPNU; W. Kentucky vs. Navy – CBS College Sports

Tough choice here. I mean on one hand, Miami vs. VA Tech is a game between two big conference opponents as Miami tries to continue it's mission to relevency. On the other hand, you've got that crazy matchup between Florida A&M and Tennesse State. Seriously though, how did Versus go from having such a decent lineup last week, to having a matchup like this?

'Bama vs. Arkansas could be entertaining, and so could Pitt vs. NC State, but I think the ESPN matchup will be the most entertaining.

5:00 – 6:30pm:

  • Florida vs. Kentucky – ESPN2 (5pm)
  • Army vs. ISU - Clone Zone (6pm).
  • Arizona vs. Oregon State – Versus (6:30pm)
  • If you have a sports package: Arizona State vs. Georgia – ESPN U (6pm); Louisville vs. Utah – CBS College Sports (6:30pm)

I am not sure if I will be attending the ISU game, or watching online. If I'm watching online, I'll probably put Arizona vs. Oregon State on the TV until 7pm.


  • Iowa vs. Penn State – ABC
  • Notre Dame vs. Purdue – ESPN

What a horrible alternative on ESPN... Yuck! Actually, I much rather have the Iowa game at 2:30, and the Miami - VA Tech game at 7pm, with UNC vs. Georgia Tech as the 2:30pm ESPN alternative (instead of on ESPN360 only).

Anyhow, I'm not sure what kind of a game it will be, but we will see I guess.


  • Texas Tech vs. Houston – ESPN2 (8:15)
  • Washington vs. Stanford – Fox College Sports Pacific (For the Sports Pack People)

I'm fully expecting for the ESPN2 game to bail those out watching ABC and ESPN at 7. I think it will be a shoot-out and a lot of fun to watch. If I'm at the ISU game, I'm hoping to make it back in time to watch most of the 2nd half. If I'm at home, then I'm switching my TV to ESPN2 at 8:15.


  • Washington State vs. USC – Fox College Sports Central (Fox Sports Midwest will join in progress at 10:30pm).

I'll probably hop onto this at 10:30 when Fox Sports Midwest picks it up if it's still a game.