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Harrison Barnes To Make An Early Decision Afterall

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Per The Des Moines Register

Barnes has already officially visited North Carolina and below are the dates of his visits:

  • Oklahoma: Oct 2-3
  • UCLA: Oct 9-10
  • Kansas: Oct 16-17
  • Duke: Oct 23-24
  • Iowa State: Nov 6 (unofficial visit)

Personally, we might as well just drop the idea that Barnes is coming to ISU. ISU won't have this season to show Barnes that they're turning the corner. After reading the article I posted early this month about Barnes' visit to UNC, combined with the fact that he's decided to sign this fall instead of in the spring, leads me to believe it's going to be between UNC and Duke. I still am under the impression that he's throwing ISU a bone, because he's classy and doesn't want to embarrass the program.

If I had to rank the chances again, I'd rank them as follows:

  1. Duke and North Carolina
  2. Kansas
  3. UCLA
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Iowa State

If I'm wrong and he goes to ISU, then great. I just don't see what ISU can say or do between now and November that will change his mind.

Where do you think he will end up?