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CBS Blogpoll Week 4

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There is a bit of a refresh here, so some of the Deltas may be a bit misleading. With such an odd week, it was in order. This is my final version for the week after making revisions based on your comments.


Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Alabama 1
3 Texas 1
4 Boise State 3
5 LSU 1
6 Cincinnati 16
7 Oklahoma 2
8 TCU 4
9 Virginia Tech 4
10 Southern Cal 6
11 Oklahoma State 3
12 Ohio State 5
13 Miami (Florida) 3
14 Iowa 10
15 Georgia
16 Brigham Young 3
17 Houston
18 Kansas 2
19 California 15
20 Nebraska 2
21 Penn State 13
22 Mississippi 17
23 Auburn
24 South Carolina
25 Oregon


Dropped Out: Florida State (#11), North Carolina (#21), Pittsburgh (#23), Clemson (#25).


On the next page are explanations on how I ranked each of the teams, along with some general takeaways from Week 4 of the College Football season. With so many "upsets" a refresh of the rankings are in order. In short, I think there are probably 2-3 elite teams, and about 30-40 teams that are all relatively equal with each other, which makes rankings somewhat difficult, but this is my best attempt

  1. Florida (4-0): Yes they didn't slap Tennessee, and Kentucky isn't that good, but talent-wise they are right up there. Next week is a good test as they will have to travel to LSU. 
  2. Alabama (4-0):  They have beat 2 nobodies and a lower conference foe, but they did beat a pretty solid looking VA Tech.
  3. Texas (4-0): They are whooping people up pretty good, and McCoy is starting to head up after his typical slow-starting Septembers
  4. Boise State (4-0): They will get some grief due to their schedule, but I've seen them play a couple of games, and I think this might be the most talented Boise State team we've seen.
  5. LSU (4-0): Haven't really played anyone yet. Almost lost to Miss. State today. Will have a good test at Georgia next week.
  6. Cincinnati (4-0): Wins at Rutgers and at Oregon State. They run a fun offense and have the ability to go on the road and win.
  7. Oklahoma (2-1): Finally getting rolling and if they get healthy, they could still do some big things. They laid an egg against BYU in week one, but came back with two blow outs and two shutouts, including against Tulsa, a team that puts up 40+ point routinely.
  8. TCU (3-0): Hard to get a gauge on this team, but winning at Clemson is not easy, especially in a low scoring affair.
  9. Virginia Tech (3-1): Lost to a very good 'Bama team in Week 1, but have bounced back nicely, with big wins over Nebraska and Miami. My concern for this team is that they've played all their games at home thus far. How will they fare when they finally go on the road?
  10. USC (3-1): They lost a tough game against Washington, but they were without their #1 QB. Now they got that annual winnable loss out of their system, I'm looking for this team to improve as the season goes on and compete for the Pac 10.
  11. Oklahoma State (3-1): They are good, but I just don't know how good yet. Looking forward to how the Big 12 schedule will fare.
  12. Ohio State (3-1): Talented, and almost beat USC. That counts for something
  13. Miami (3-1): Tough loss against VA Tech, but I think they can beat almost anyone in the Top 25 on a given day. Not exactly sure what happened last night, but playing the schedule they are, there were bound to lay an egg along the way. They need to get up for Oklahoma though.
  14. Iowa (4-0): They win ugly, but going to Happy Valley and winning by double digits is no easy task. They won't win pretty but are pretty solid (as much as I hate saying it).
  15. Georgia (3-1): Have won the games they are supposed to, but are talented and well coached.
  16. BYU (3-1): After laying an egg against Florida State, they beat a solid Colorado State squad. This team is talented, but isn't consistent.
  17. Houston (3-0): Just squeaked by Texas Tech, and of course got that big win over Oklahoma State. When you don't play defense, however, you're likely to get bit eventually.
  18. Kansas (4-0): Finally a quality win with defeating Southern Miss. This may be the team to beat in the Big 12 North
  19. Penn State (3-1): They just haven't done much. They have a good QB, RB, but not a good offensive line. The Big 10 is mediocre this year. 
  20. Nebraska (3-1): Should be a 4-0 team right now.
  21. Cal (3-1): Getting blown out against a team that should finish in the middle of the Pac 10 isn't good. I don't know if they were exposed or if they looked past Oregon and to USC. I was on their bandwagon, but you can't be respectible and get spanked like they did last night.
  22. Mississippi (3-1): You're supposed to have this amazing QB and a good team, but can't move the ball against South Carolina?
  23. Auburn (4-0): Off to a good start with a couple of quality wins. Have been able to put up a ton of points, coming off a season in which scoring was difficult.
  24. South Carolina (3-1): Two impressive wins over NC State and Ole Miss.  If NC State was 4-0, I'd have them ranked right now, and if Ole Miss was undefeated most of us would have them in the Top 5.
  25. Oregon (3-1): It looks like they have rallied after getting embarrassed at Boise State, with wins over Utah and blowing Cal out.  Or maybe they just play well at home?

Teams Considered (in no particular order):

  • Georgia Tech (3-1): Rebounded with a win over UNC. The problem with the triple option is that it's hard to play from behind. This is a talented team, but one-dimensional and that will limit them.
  • Arizona (3-1): Loss against a good Iowa team, but solid wins over Central Michigan and at Oregon State
  • Michigan (4-0): Doing better than I thought they would, off to a good start, but need to show me more
  • Missouri (4-0): Haven't done much yet, but 4 wins at this point is better than what I had expected.
  • Florida State (2-2): W... T.... F...Manic Depressive team. One week they roll at BYU; the following week they get beat by a depleted South Florida team.
  • North Carolina State (3-1): Talented, with a tough loss to South Carolina in Week 1. Beat a Pitt team that I had ranked previously.
  • Stanford (3-1): Just came off a nice win over Washington, and this team will be a threat at spots during the Pac 10.
  • Notre Dame (3-1): Clausen is a stud, but if you look at their wins, are any of them a shocker? Michigan State doesn't look to be as good as people thought, Purdue stinks, and Notre Dame barley got by them. They will have a chance to prove themselves in the next three weeks, against Washington, USC, and Boston College.
  • Wisconsin (4-0): Just beat a decent Michigan State team, and have a quality win over Fresno State. Have also played a couple of crap teams though too. I'm not one of those guys that likes to rank teams because I remember the glory days when they were dominant.
  • South Florida (4-0): I don't know how good they really are, but beating Florida State was impressive.