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SB Nation Big 12 Roundtable - Week 5

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5th Week. Rock M Nation is hosting again this week. You know the drill!

1. Is it time for the Big 12 to collectively pour one out for the departure of Baylor quarterback Robert "Hot Tub" Griffin? Even if your team benefits from his injury, are you sad to see one of the conference's premier playmakers done for the season?

I don't like to see people injured, but at the same time it's football. ISU has two guys out for the year from injury. It's part of the game. Perhaps my man Kellen Winslow can break it down better than me:

2. Play the role of Mythbusters for us. If you could dispel one national perception of your team, what would it be?

I don't know if there is a national perception of our team really. If I had to give one, I'd say it's the idea that our defense has been good. We are tied for 74th in the nation in sacks/game, 52nd in overall pass defense against all run-first teams

ISU has horrible defensivley last year, and I think they will be improved from the year previous, but I'm not impressed with the defense and the competition is just going to be more stiff as we start to face Big 12 offenses.

3. Give us the name of one player on each side of the ball on your team that everyone else in the conference may not know about or fully appreciate.

Offense: Alexander Robinson. I would hope everyone else has heard of him, but I don't read much about him at all. For a guy that's 10th in the nation in rushing yards so far, that's really too bad. We've heard all the hype about Helu in Nebraska, but Robinsion is a mere 9 yards behind him in total thus far.

Defense: David Sims. He's tied for 6th (with like 10,000 other people) in interceptions, plus his return game has been good.


4. OU vs. Da U: Who ya' got?

I've got OU. Coming off a bye week is going to help them a lot

5. Give us your Offensive Player of the Week, Defensive Player of the Week, and Storyline of the Week for last week.

Offensive: Alexander Robinson, RB, ISU. More than deserves it. He's a one man show at ISU right now.

Defensive: Earl Thomas, S, Texas. 2 picks that set up TDs against UTEP.

Storyline: Robert Griffin being out for the year.. Not really a thrilling week for the most part.

6. Power Poll! Rank the teams 1-12 based on who would win on a neutral field.

  1. Texas
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Oklahoma State
  4. Kansas
  5. Nebraska
  6. Texas Tech
  7. Missouri
  8. Texas A&M
  9. Iowa State
  10. Kansas State
  11. Baylor
  12. Colorado