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Quick Football Updates: 9/6/09

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Hey all,

There are a few key notes that I intended to make after the NDSU game, but didn't get around to mentioning:

  • Kelechi Osemele left the NDSU game early due to injury as well. Apparently it wasn't serious and he should play against Iowa.
  • Sedrick Johnson had to leave the NDSU game early due to a sprained ankle. It's uncertain whether he will play next week against Iowa at this point.
  • Houston Jones hurt his ankle this past week. If you were at the game, you could see him in street clothes with something on his ankle.
  • Darius Darks did play against NDSU, as I saw him out there on quite a few plays. He didn't have any receptions so he didn't show up in the boxscore. Remember, he switched to #6 this season.
  • Jason Carlson and Hayworth Hicks are out for the season as they are academically ineligible

Since this news is a couple of days old, you may have already heard all of this, but I wanted to chime in with my thoughts:

First, offensive line is an area that we cannot afford to lose people; we are so thin at that position. It's great that Osemele is OK and it stinks that Hicks is out. I just hope that our starters on the line can stay healthy all year. It's already a below-average unit, and more blows would just lead to a long season offensively.

Secondly, WR is an area where you obviously don't want to have guys injured but can handle it if some guys are out. We have enough depth to handle some guys missing some time here and there. Obviously with Sedrick you want to have him out there as he has the potential to be that guy who can stretch the field. I wasn't under the impression that Jones and Carlson would play much his year as they are down there on the depth chart; I just am not sure if anything would be different if both guys were healthy.

What do you make of the news?