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Some Love For Cyclones Football

Just wanted to take a break from the negativity and disappointment that is the Cyclones Basketball Season up to this point.

I went through and updated the 2010 Football Commitments we have last night and I am really impressed with the recruits that this staff is assembling together. I won't go into depth about all 25 guys, but if you look them up, I would think you'd agree with me as well. It has seemed like after every big win, we got some more recruits. We had that with Nebraska, Baylor, Colorado, and after the bowl game. It's awesome.

This staff has a long ways to go, but I've liked what I've seen so far. My judgement of this staff is going to come up probably in 3/4 years when we actually see these recruits take action. They've done a good job thus far, but these guys are other people's recruits. To really measure a program, these guys have to show they can rebuild and reload. To show us that this thing can sustain over the course of several years.

With sports, I love to win, but I can handle losses to an extent. You can't win 'em all. You sometimes need to lose in order to learn a lesson. Losing can make you better in the long run.

I have no problems supporting a team that plays hard, but comes up short from time to time. In sports it happens. That's life. I do have a hard time supporting a team that shows no effort. Effort is the one thing that you can control, regardless of how good or bad you are. When a team is doing that, they are failing, regardless of the outcome in the game.

I'm excited about the direction this program is going, and hope it works out great for the Cyclones! As long as this program has players that are willing to play hard for their coach, it's going to be tough to be disappointed in the outcome, I would think.