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Some Interesting Cyclone Basketball Stats

Kind of a slow day, but wanted to put something out here today. Here are 5 stats that I think are kind of interesting about our basketball team:

1. Number of 2 point shot attempts Lucca has taken: 7. He has taken 113 attempts from beyond the arc. Last year he took 38 shots from inside the 3 point line. He's on pace to have about half that amount for the season.

2. Best offensive rebounder: LaRon Dendy. He has a OR% of 13.8%, 2nd is Hamilton (10.8%), and 3rd is Gilstrap (9.8%).

3. Most efficient scorer: Scott Christopherson. His TS% is 64%, and has the highest PPWS on the team (1.27). He's shooting 50% from 3, and 50% overall. To me this makes sense: he does a good job of picking his spots of when to shoot, and when not to. Most of the time, when he fires up a shot, it was the right move. Because he's a good shooter, he's making them a solid amount of times.

4. # of games we went into halftime with the lead: 14 (of 17,Cal, Duke, and Nebraska we did not). It's clear that we start out well, typically with a good gameplan. The issue has been not being able to stay consistent and continue playing well with the lead.

5. # of games we outscored our opponents in the 2nd half: 8. That area needs to get much improved. We saw ISU outscore the Huskers in the 2nd half, which was good. Solid teams close out halves strong, particularly the 2nd half.

That is all. Nothing too groundbreaking. Just something to kill a bit of time. I'll have a Texas Tech preview up tomorrow night as well. Hope everyone had a good MLK Weekend!