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Lucca Staiger Is A Shady Guy

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Found an article in Germany about Lucca. It's in German, but here's the rough translation (via Google Translator):

Alba has the best record in the Bundesliga, but the bosses are already planning for next season. B.Z. learned: the albatross chase young Star Lucca Staiger (21).

The contract talks with the shooter should already be in a critical stage. Staiger national (1.95m, 95 kg) is currently playing at the Iowa State University in the U.S. college league NCAA. He has a firm place in the Starting Five, making an average of 9.4 points in 26.5 minutes playing time. In 17 games, he hit an impressive 48 three at a good rate of 42.5 percent, 17 November, he threw even ten triple in a game against Drake. At Euro 2009 in Poland, the man took the number five with 14 points against Macedonia, was top scorer in the German team.

Staiger fits perfectly into the requirements of Alba coach Luka Pavicevic. Both are already discussions have resulted. Staiger can throw, defend, has game intelligence and will absolutely want to Alba. He also went through the school of the cooperation partner Urspringschule Ehingen and received a good education.

Staiger shocks do not seem to get away that German youth players in the biggest German Basketball Club has had a difficult time, from the bank. This fearlessness Alba please. Sports director Henning Harnisch to BZ: "It is true that we observe Lucca Staiger for years. He is a very talented player with a great future and is our focus. "From the summer he will - if anything goes wrong - for Alba go to basket hunt.

What bothers me is that the article was posted Monday at 5pm their time, which is like 10am our time. The fact that the contract talks are in "critical" stage as of them, confirms what we've been thinking: Lucca has been negotiating this for a while.

All I will say is this: if this was his one and only chance, then he isn't that great of a basketball player to begin with.

I also found a forum talking about this (all in German). Even some of the fans there commented that Lucca might be sitting at the end of the bench when he goes to play there.  You can translate for yourself some of the posts, just go to, and pick "German to English".

I just hope this doesn't get ugly with ISU. If he had an agent negotiating deals while he was still playing here, that's not a good sign.